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Camel Quarry House – The Owner
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Emma Abdy Collins

Owner of Camel Quarry House



The Owner – Emma Abdy Collins


Emma found and fell in love with Camel Quarry House in 1994. It was the old Quarry Manager’s house, on the edge of the Camel Estuary. It was completely charming and in an area of outstanding natural beauty with unchanging landscape, and it became the family’s regular holiday spot. In 2009 the house was rebuilt and designed by architect Fiona McClean. Emma’s vision was to create a house that was moulded into the landscape, but was distinctly modern. Fiona shared Emma’s views and was the obvious choice.

Emma is a painter, working in oils and acrylics and a jewellery designer – as well as a property developer. She has a painting studio off the Harrow Road and also works in Hatton Garden doing special commissions.

She also decorates and designs homes for clients as well as working for a London property developer – and Camel Quarry House is an exquisite example of her interior design work.

Emma has 4 children: Elsie, Cicely, Christabel and Esmond.

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Please flick through the photos to get a feel for the elegant charm of Camel Quarry House.

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How to book

The house is equipped with everything that you’ll need for a restful stay. Download the booking information here.

How to book

Local attractions

Situated near to the Cornish fishing port of Padstow, there are plenty of activities on offer.

Local attractions


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